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Social Media Marketing is the process of advertising your  Florida company through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Billions of internet users search for local businesses, products and services while they are logged in to their favorite social media websites.

Gaining followers and likes can help connect your brand with new potential clients, and maintain open lines of frequent communication and interest. We help create and promote valuable content that both existing and new potential clients would like to see.

FL Social Media Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Marketing to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media platform is considered SMM.

Who creates the content you post or promote?

Our SMM experts and content writers generally create the content to be written and posted to your social media accounts. After creation we submit that content for client approval before posting.

Which SMM platforms are the most effective?

Each SMM platform has slightly different target audiences. Depending on the product or service, one platform may be more beneficial than the others. Let our experts help develop the custom strategy that is right for your company.

How much are SMM promoted ads or boosts?

The cost of SMM promoted ads can vary greatly depending on the industry or service, as well as the keyword phrase or audience being targeted itself. Request A Quote for an accurate estimate of pricing.

What is included in Local SEO?

Our local search engine marketing and optimization packages vary based on the client needs. In general it includes obtaining local directly listings, getting listed or improving the position of Google My Business, and keyword phrase marketing for your products and services in the areas you would like to target.

How are Social Media Marketing results tracked?

Each month our clients are provided with a detailed summary that is easy to understand that includes followers, likes, generated traffic, and/or sales-related conversions.

Take your business to the next level and dominate Google by gaining targeted new customers locally at a city, county, or state level.
Get your company to the top of Google and the major search engines for multiple states or the entire country.
Stay in touch with existing clients and new customers by staying engaged on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing.
Stay in touch with existing clients and new customers by staying engaged on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing.
Our marketing specialists will optimize your campaigns for maximum value per click for any budget.
Know exactly where you rank, how much traffic your site is generating, and accurately track your conversions and ROI.