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Many Businesses Struggle to Find New Customers

You’ve spent the time it takes to create a great product or service but now the problem is letting people know it exists, and making it easy for them to purchase it.

How do you find these potential customers so you can grow your business to new levels?

We create highly-targeted ads that give the millions of people searching exactly what they want.

Our agency has done exactly this successfully, time and time again. Over the last 2 years, we have spent over $14 million dollars on Google Ads…

Here’s the proof:

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…And most importantly, helped our clients generate over $1.52 billion in sales!

Our team knows what it takes to create high-performing campaigns that will quickly get your business new customers.

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Most Agencies Take Too Long To Get Quality Results

When you hire an agency to advertise your products or services, the goal is to increase sales as quickly as possible.

Waiting weeks or months for your ads to actually start running can cost your business thousands of dollars.

Or, even worse, your ads run for multiple months only generating a small number of leads that don’t even convert to sales.

Our ads are up and running quickly and are specifically designed to have the highest conversion rates!

Here’s the proof:


30 Days Ad Leads


60 Days Ad Leads


150 Days Ad Leads

We are so confident that our ads perform quickly, we guarantee you’ll get qualified leads within your first month!

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Low-Quality Leads Waste Time And Money

It’s frustrating to spend time answering the phone or responding to emails for unqualified leads.

The easiest way to avoid this situation is to have laser-targeted ads that give people exactly what they are searching for.

PPC Search Example

We create ads that clearly and obviously match exactly what is being searched.

Not only does this increase the number of people that actually click on your ads, but it also..



As Seen In News

Only 2% of The Advertisers Get 50% of The Traffic

We’ve all seen generic ads that are hard to read because they are stuffed with keywords.

These types of ads do not perform well.

A small portion of high-quality ads account for the majority of clicks and conversions.

We continually analyze the ads that will display along side yours, and design a strategy that will consistently outperform them.

Instead of just running ads, it’s time to dominate the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Partner - Google Reviews
Are you a qualified Google Partner?

Yes! This is the most important question you need to ask when choosing your PPC agency.

A Google Partner has proven to Google that they can successfully manage ad campaigns consistently and efficiently.

To become a partner, an agency is evaluated on Performance, Spend, and Certification. Ad optimization scores must be over 70%, ad spend must be maintained at $10,000 or more over at least 90 days, and at least 50% of account strategists need to be Google Certified.

Our agency has consistently exceeded all requirements and been a Google Partner for years.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is the fastest way to grow your business with more sales. We can get your company new leads within 24 hours of creating and activating your campaigns. Other marketing strategies  typically take a few months to gain momentum.

Will Google Ads work for my business?

Most likely, yes. Our ads have helped thousands and thousands of companies that provide products or services all over the country.

The only way we can know for sure if we can help is after we speak with you and learn more about what your business offers. If we are confident we can help, we will offer our services.

If we don’t think Google Ads is the right marketing strategy for you, we will tell you that as well.

How much do Ads typically cost?

CPC or Cost-Per-Click can vary greatly based on the keyword phrase being targeted, the amount of competition it has, and even the time of day. A typical CPC for local businesses will be within the $1-15 range per click, while national or more competitive industries might be over $50 per click. Estimated costs can be calculated after determining how wide of an audience you’d like to reach and how many clicks you’d like to get each month.

How large of a budget do I need for Paid Advertising?

Again, budgets vary greatly based on the audience and phrases targeted, but a good starting budget is typically at least $1500/mo (ad spend + management).

When can I adjust my Paid Ads budget?

Budgets can actually be altered on a daily basis based on performance or budget restrictions, but it’s recommended to stick with a consistent budget for at least 2-3 months to be able to properly analyze the data and determine which areas can be improved and optimized.

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